The Burlington Free Press wrote a front-page article about the the evolution of Friends of Burke Mountain from a Facebook Group, now with more than 3,900 members, to a nonprofit organization dedicated to assuring the long-term success of Burke Mountain for the benefit of the local community, the Northeast Kingdom, and the future enjoyment of all those who treasure it. The article provides the backstory on the alleged securities fraud that led to the closure of Burke Mountain, the beginning of its renewal under the direction of federal court-appointed receiver Michael Goldberg, and our group’s efforts to restore jobs and restore economic opportunity in the Northeast Kingdom. The story features long-time Burke Mountain employees Keith Sanford and Sean Guyer who lost their jobs due to the prior owner’s fraud and mismanagement. Read the full story here in the Burlington Free Press.

Vermont Edition is Vermont Public Radio’s marque weekly program. Listen to the April 28, 2016 broadcast in which host Jane Lindholm describes what the future of Burke and the Northeast Kingdom will look like in the wake of the $350 million securities fraud case that has rocked the region. Lindholm interviews Leisure Hotels and Resorts CEO Ken Olson (who has been a great Friend of Burke Mountain), appointed by the federal receiver to run Burke Mountain, Northeastern Vermont Development Association Executive Director Dave Snedeker (another partner with Friends of Burke Mountain), Alivia Bertolini Libby, the Executive Director, and Michael Sher, the President, of the Friends of Burke Mountain, as well as Community National Bank CEO Steve Marsh.