Local Charities

A central part of our mission is to support charitable organizations in the Greater Burke Area and the Northeast Kingdom. Friends of Burke Mountain provides direct support to local organizations and also helps the greater friends of Burke community, including visitors, pass holders, and nonresidents, identify ways to give back to a place they treasure.



In 2016, Friends of Burke Mountain has designated Burke Recreation and Education Fund, Inc. d/b/a Kingdom Kids, a Vermont nonprofit corporation and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (“Kingdom Kids”), as our preferred charitable organization. Kingdom Kids provides free or low cost passes to children of limited financial means to use Burke Mountain and other Burke Area recreational areas and to participate in athletic programs. Kingdom Kids also provides low income children with free or low cost ski, snow boarding, mountain biking and other sports equipment for use in after school programs and athletic competitions.

On May 28, 2016, together with Kingdom Trails, the Burke Area Chamber of Commerce, and Burke Mountain, Friends of Burke Mountain will co-sponsor a fundraiser, Burke is Back!, for Kingdom Kids.

Friends of Burke Mountain intends to support other nonprofit organizations in the Burke Area and in Northeast Kingdom through the work of its Charitable Giving Committee. The Committee is charged with reviewing the programming, financial status, management, and administration of area 501(c)(3) organizations for purposes of recommending that Friends of Burke Mountain provide direct support to such organizations and to encourage Burke Area residents and the broader friends of Burke community to provide funding to eligible organizations.

If your organization would like to apply for funding from Friends of Burke Mountain or if you would like to recommend a charitable organization for funding, please send an email to giveback@friendsofburke.com.